Figure skating is one of the most popular sports in the world today. In Canada, more than six million people lace up their skates every year. Behind every individual skater is a team of coaches, family, friends, and designers that together help the skater be at his/her best. 

Each routine needs the perfect skating dress to enhance and complete the look that they want to achieve. We like to call it “the spark.” Sparks Boutique is the place where every figure skater can find the right colour, style and fit to prepare them for their performance . 

Our mission is to provide the skaters the confidence they need to perform.  We  provide “the spark” to stand out in front of a crowd and the judges without giving up quality. At Sparks Boutique, we know how expensive figure skating is; therefore our prices are very competitive.


Why are we different?


We have hundreds of different styles. The styles, sizes and colours can be interchanged easily.. Please refer to the FAQ section for more information on how to complete your order.  The dresses are made using velvet, lycra, chiffon, etc. If you have questions on a particular styles please do not hesitate to contact us at info@sparksboutique.com

f the design you are looking for is simple, we may be able to custom make it and add it to our collection. It is also possible to  "custom-make" more complicated designs. We will use one or more of our styles as the base and combine components of each dress until we create an entirely new design for you. Please refer to  our FAQ section for more information


We also work with synchronized skating teams. For more information, please contact us