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  • How do I order a custom-made dress?
    The first step will be to send us an email to In this email you need to include: a) a picture of the design you would like us to create b) date when you will need your dress delivered by c) the material you will prefer us to use (i.e; velvet, chiffon, lace, etc) We will have a look and reply to your email with either more questions or confirming either we can or cannot make the dress. If we are able to make the dress we will send you a quote. Please note it takes 8 weeks to get the dress made and delivered.
  • What measurements do I need to send?
    In order to make the dress the following measurements are required:
  • How do I send my measurements to you?
    You will be asked to enter your measurements in the custom field while completing your order. This is a mandatory field, therefore your order will not be completed with out this information.
  • Who do I measure the girth properly?
    Hold end of tape measure on top of shoulder. Run tape down front of body, through crotch and back up the same shoulder. Allow for curves of bust and abdomen. Measure comfortably over buttocks and into small of back. This gives you total girth measurement. Please stand straight and breathe normally.
  • I like the style of one design but would like to make small modifications suchs as change the colour and add sleeves. What do I do now?
    Please send us an detail email to with the design number from our collections. In this email you will need to describe what you like from each style so we can create your unique design. Please make sure to include what colour should the dress be. If possible include pictures or use one of our other dresses as reference for the colour. Also it is very important for us to know the date you need your dress by. We will send you a draft design with a quote. Once we received confirmation and paymnet we will start making your dress. Please note it takes 8 weeks to make and to deliver a dress after confirmation and payment is received.
  • I have my music but I am not sure what kind of dress I want?
    Normally coaches have a lot of suggestions when it comes to the dress. However if you are still undecided, feel free to send us and email with the name of your music and we could suggest some ideas.
  • Can you make dresses for ice dance?
    Yes, normally the skirt for ice dance dresses are longer, therefore we can definately add that modifiaction to any of our dresses. Make sure you add this comment when adding your measurements or send us an email.
  • How to best take care of your dress?
    Your dress should be kept in garment bag when not wearing it. This will prevent the rhinestones to get caught with something and fall off. If the rhinestones fall off, this can be glued back with rhinstone glue sold in carft stores. All the dresses come with extra rhinestones just in case.
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